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Zynga chief security officer resigns

Zynga chief security officer resigns

Wed 19 Sep 2012 7:12pm GMT / 3:12pm EDT / 12:12pm PDT

Executive exodus continues as Nils Puhlmann reportedly gone from FarmVille publisher

Zynga is another executive down, as TechCrunch is reporting the social game publisher's chief security officer Nils Puhlmann resigned from the company yesterday.

A co-founder of the Cloud Security Alliance, Puhlmann was responsible for managing all security risks for Zynga. Prior to joining the social gaming publisher, he coordinated security efforts for Qualys, Electronic Arts, Robert Half International, and Mindjet Corp, with additional experience at Adobe Systems and Nortel Networks.

Puhlmann is the latest in a string of high-profile departures for Zynga since the July announcement of disappointing quarterly earnings. Chief operating officer John Schappert kicked off the departure news August 8, which has since been followed by chief marketing officer Jeff Karp, chief technology officer Allan Leinwand, chief creative officer Mike Verdu, vice president of studios Bill Mooney, vice president of marketing Brian Birtwistle, and former Omgpop chief revenue officer Wilson Kriegel.

In the hours following the release of Zynga's quarterly report, shares in the company shed almost 40 percent of their value to $3.21. They have yet to recover from that drop, opening trading today at $3.09.


Maybe Z could start a new trend of a large company with no executives. Could be a new disruptive technology folks keep talking about

Posted:A year ago


Dave Herod
Senior Programmer

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Where's Bruce when you need him?

Posted:A year ago


Tamir Ibrahim

76 56 0.7
They could be the Barcelona of large company's!

Posted:A year ago

#3 some sort of Z masterplan to micromanage all the bought companies, from one Pincus.

Posted:A year ago


John Donnelly
Quality Assurance

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Or they will make the facebook members who like the Ville type games manage individual employees and direct them to produce the next X-Ville product.

Posted:A year ago


Thomas Dolby
Project Manager / Lead Programmer

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We need a separate section for Zynga staff losses these days. Is there anyone left at Zynga HQ?

Posted:A year ago

000I reckon they went to a alternate reality Foxconn :)

Posted:A year ago


Graham Simpson
Tea boy

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Social gaming is the future of gaming.

Posted:A year ago

I am sure that was Z's original game plan. market. make war chest. take into gambling online. make more money. be damned for the (was just a red herring) or buy out other game companies...

Posted:A year ago


Andrzej Wroblewski
Localization Generalist

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I love it how everyone cares about executives... Nobody seems to acknowledge that a company's value consists mostly of the hard work of industry professionals who work their hands and heads off for the success of their employers / customers... And that is the old-school company model which created this industry. Not executives.

Posted:A year ago


John Donnelly
Quality Assurance

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If the guys at the top are bailing out how does it make the company look to those way down the chain?

It can leave the average feeling jaded when those who make the business decisions they execute are bailing like rats from a sinking ship.

This is why people focus on this.

Posted:A year ago


Jess Kappeler
Game Designer

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@Dave Herod
Maybe he is busy interviewing with Zynga

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jess Kappeler on 20th September 2012 7:11pm

Posted:A year ago


Feargus Carroll

23 18 0.8
Last one out please clone the door...

Posted:A year ago


Alfonso Sexto
Lead Tester

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Recently some people resigned at EA too (The co-founders of Bioware, as we know). Wonder if Zinga will sue then for that too

Posted:A year ago


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