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Xbox Series S confirmed by leaked controller

A white version of the Xbox Series X controller appeared online, pointing at more than one version of the next-gen Xbox console

The long-rumoured additional next-gen Xbox SKU may have been confirmed by a new Microsoft controller leaked over the weekend.

A Twitter user found an Xbox Series X controller for sale on OfferUp for $35, and shared photos of the packaging and the product. The wireless controller, which comes in a colour labelled 'Robot White', reportedly works with Xbox Series X and S, as well as Xbox One, Windows 10, Android, and iOS, the box reads.

Reporting on this leak, The Verge said it was able to "confirm it's genuine," although the publication did not share more details about how it got said confirmation.

Some photos from Twitter user Zak S, mentioning compatibility with the Xbox Series S

Microsoft previously unveiled a black version of the Xbox Series X controller, at the Game Awards 2019, but no white version.

There have been rumours of another version of the next-gen Xbox console since late 2018, but Microsoft still not confirmed the existence of an Xbox Series S.

In late 2019, the cheaper Xbox, nicknamed 'Lockhart', was reportedly still in the works.

This leak confirms a previous one that happened in late July, that was also showing a white version of the Xbox Series X controller.

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