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Watch 'Don't do this! Worst practice for pitching' here | Investment Summit Online

Team 17, Fellow Traveller, Frontier and Fundamentally Games share mistakes to avoid when pitching to publishers and investors

Our two-day Investment Summit Online is in full swing, and will next feature a panel discussion on what not to do when pitching your game.

Advice will be offered by Team 17's Troy Horton, Fundamentally Games' Ella Romanos, Fellow Traveller's Des Gayle and Frontier's Zac Antonaci, with editor-in-chief Matthew Handrahan hosting the panel.

This session starts at 1pm BST / 8am ET / 5am PT today.

Investment Summit Online is a two-day conference and business event, featuring free online talks about how to secure funding and grow your company.

Other speakers on the way include Double Loop's Emily Greer, Velan Ventures' Guha Bala, Execution Labs' Jason Della Rocca and more.

You can view the full schedule at

Alongside these, more than 150 investors are meeting with indie developers in 30-minute meetings.

The event is made possible thanks to our sponsors Xsolla and Renaissance PR.

Investment Summit Online is a GI Live event, part of a seven-week initiative to deliver new digital events and offer extensive coverage of conferences such as GDC and Devcom.

The fourth and final GI Live event will be Best Places To Work Awards UK, which takes place on Friday, September 18.

You can watch the Don't Do This! Worst Practice For Pitching below at 1pm BST / 8am ET / 5am PT.

Watch on YouTube

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