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– Discover the truth about the Citadel this November! –

London, UK - 17 September 2007 - Atari today announced the forthcoming release of Warriors of the Lost Empire on PSP this November. Published by Mercury Games and distributed by Atari in the UK, the game will compel fantasy, action and RPG fans alike.

Combining hack and slash action with a hint of RPG, you have been hired to reclaim the citadel which will be no easy feat! Fighting, exploration and cunning skills will be put to the test as you investigate and battle your way through a multitude of dungeons while getting ever closer to the truth about the mysterious citadel.

Work on your own or with friend via the PSP WLAN system to succeed and defeat bosses. Players can select from four different characters each possessing individual skills; from the up close and personal barbarian to the elegant archerer or mystical sorcerer.

Warriors of the Lost Empire contains tons of customisation features for your characters and weapons. Collect over 150 weapons and if you want more, you can commission blacksmiths to combine the weapons you have won to create new, more powerful arms!

With so much to offer gaming fans alike, Warriors of the Lost Empire will strike a chord with players. From the customisation features to the action packed levels, Warriors of the Lost Empire will be the ultimate RPG game to play on your PSP.

Warriors of the Lost Empire for PSP is scheduled for release across the UK in November 2007.


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