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UK court blocks request to delay CMA and Microsoft trial

The Competition Appeal Tribunal said the regulator has ample time to prepare for its July 28 hearing

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A court has blocked the UK's Competition and Markets Authority's request to delay its hearing with Microsoft.

The regulator proposed a new trial date for October, but Competition Appeal Tribunal said the proceedings will still begin on July 28.

As per Seeking Alpha, the tribunal explained that the case is significant to many and should proceed as scheduled.

The court said in a filing, "The matter is significant and there is a large amount of material for any new counsel to digest, but we anticipate that a month allows ample time for that to happen – provided the CMA selects counsel with appropriate availability to prepare, especially given the support available from within the CMA and from its existing counsel team."

"The question answers itself: this is a team that should have sufficient time to ensure that the CMA's defence to the application is appropriately conducted."

In April, the CMA prevented Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The following month, it reaffirmed the decision to block the $68.7 billion deal before the UK's Business and Trade Committee.

For more, check out our extensive primer on the various issues surrounding the proposed acquisition.

You can also stay updated with everything we learned from the Microsoft vs. FTC hearing here.

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