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The complete collection of's Get into Games guides

Expert advice and panel discussions helping students and more find their place in the games industry

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For the past two weeks, we've been publishing a series of articles and videos aimed at students, designed to offer insight on life in the games industry and advice on how to get into the business – all under the banner of our Get into Games special.

The full series, sponsored by Wrexham University, can be found below, covering everything from how to get into certain fields (such as voice acting, art and video game production) to advice on going through the jobs application process.

Each of the articles is based on a talk from the Academy Zone at EGX 2023 and you can watch the full discussions, either in the article or on the YouTube channel.

The Academy will continue publish advice on how to level up your career and find your place in the games industry via the 'Working in games' section.

Reducing barriers for underrepresented groups

Industry workers from minority backgrounds share advice from their lived experiences on how companies can help more people get into the games industry

Ten tips for overcoming imposter syndrome

Media Molecule's senior game designer Eilidh MacLeod shares advice for helping overcome self-doubt and learn to value your achievements

An introduction to video game production

Media Molecule's Steven Taarland explains the role of a producer, and why it's all about prioritization, trust, and "learning to be comfortable with ambiguity"

Seven practical steps to becoming a voice actor in games

Voice actor and coach JD Kelly offers practical advice for those who want to get into voice acting

How to land your dream job in game art

Media Molecule 2D artist Sinéad Oram sketches out how to score a role in this field of game development

How to get into games without making games

From marketing to funding and community management, there's many roles and careers alongside direct development positions

Technical art roles: What they are, and how to get one

A panel of experts from Radical Forge discuss the potenital routes into this discipline and how to improve your chances of landing a role

Navigating neurodiversity: What you need to know about the games industry

Panel explores how neurodiverse people can succeed in their games career, and what support employers should offer

Everything you need to know about applying for your first job in game development

XR Games' Andy Driver shares his dos and don'ts for kicking off your career

Essential guides to start your career in video games

The Academy has been collating advice on securing a career in video games for several years. Here, you'll find he best of our guides on finding and applying for jobs, all in one place

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