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Get into Games: Essential guides to start your career in video games

The best of our guides on finding and applying for jobs in the games industry, all in one place

Over the next two weeks, will be exploring ways to find the right career in the video games business and how you can get started as part of our Get into Games special.

The Academy has already been covering these subjects for several years, and continues to collate industry advice on a variety of topics related to games, as you'll see on the Academy homepage and our dedicated Working in Games feed.

For Get into Games, we wanted to highlight some of the very best guides on looking for work, giving yourself the best chance of success when you apply, and a glimpse at the ongoing series of in-depth jobs guides we offer.

You can also find positions that are currently available worldwide via our jobs board at

Looking for work

What to do (and not to do) when networking and building your contact book

Games industry professionals give tips on how to "dive in" at networking events and make a great first impression

Brenda Romero's tips for building your personal brand

The award-winning industry legend gives students advice on how to build and grow their reputation before even entering the industry

From student to professional: Advice along the way

Fundamentally Games' Emelie Edholm has some advice for students and graduates building a career in the games industry

Tips for international and healthy networking

Code Coven detailed how to build, nurture and maintain good professional relationships

Mike Bithell: What I wish I knew when I started in games

The acclaimed indie developer explores six lessons he's learned during his career that can help aspiring developers get a successful start in games

How to brush up your CV ahead of a careers fair

Developers, publishers and more offer advice on how to improve your chances of securing your next job

Applying for work

How to nail your application for a job in games

Amiqus' Will Hudson gives a recruiter's perspective on how best to approach applying for a role

How to succeed at a games industry job interview

Amiqus' Louise Wardale shares advice on how best to prepare for an interview

Tips for a successful interview in the games industry

Splash Damage's Jason Tzaidas goes through the dos and don'ts of interviewing for an engineering role

How to not ruin your job interview

The games industry share their stories of job interview fails (and not-so-fails)

How to make your video games resume, portfolio, and job application stand out

The Academy shares tips on how to overcome the first barriers between you and the job you want

Tips and tricks for building a QA portfolio

Dan Ahern gives advice on how to demonstrate your testing and reporting skills as you apply for QA roles

Games jobs guides

Below is a selection from our series of guides on how to get a job in games, looking at some of the most coveted roles across programming, design, art, voice acting, testing, journalism, PR, marketing, and more. You can find the full series on this handy hub page. Each guide explores not only what these roles entail, but what qualities and skills you need, how you can get noticed in this field, and other advice from those who have spent years in such positions..

How to get a job as a game programmer

The Academy explores the routes into one of the business' core competencies: game programming

How to get a job as a game producer

The Academy explores the many paths to working in video games production

How to get a job as a games writer

The Academy looks into how to get a job writing video games

What is actually takes to secure your next voice acting gig

Unlock Audio's Bonnie Bogovich shares tips on how to boost your chances of getting a job voice acting for games

Ali A's advice to further your content creator career

YouTuber shares advice on how to get started, which platforms to prioritise, and recognising your worth

How to successfully carve yourself a position as a communications leader in the games industry

Jagex communications director Rich Eddy offers a overview of the many comms and editorial roles available at games companies

How to get a job as a creative director

The Academy shares advices on how to land one of the most influential roles in games development

More from our Get into Games 2024 special

Reducing barriers for underrepresented groups

Industry workers from minority backgrounds share advice from their lived experiences on how companies can help more people get into the games industry

Ten tips for overcoming imposter syndrome

Media Molecule's senior game designer Eilidh MacLeod shares advice for helping overcome self-doubt and learn to value your achievements

An introduction to video game production

Media Molecule's Steven Taarland explains the role of a producer, and why it's all about prioritization, trust, and "learning to be comfortable with ambiguity"

Seven practical steps to becoming a voice actor in games

Voice actor and coach JD Kelly offers practical advice for those who want to get into voice acting

How to land your dream job in game art

Media Molecule 2D artist Sinéad Oram sketches out how to score a role in this field of game development

How to get into games without making games

From marketing to funding and community management, there's many roles and careers alongside direct development positions

Technical art roles: What they are, and how to get one

A panel of experts from Radical Forge discuss the potenital routes into this discipline and how to improve your chances of landing a role

Navigating neurodiversity: What you need to know about the games industry

Panel explores how neurodiverse people can succeed in their games career, and what support employers should offer

Everything you need to know about applying for your first job in game development

XR Games' Andy Driver shares his dos and don'ts for kicking off your career

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