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"Small number of roles" face potential redundancies at Splash Damage

UK studio tells roles at risk are mostly in operations, with development largely unaffected

Splash Damage is the latest studio to face potential layoffs, with staff informed today whether they are at risk.

It's unclear how many people may be affected, but the studio has told in a statement that it is limited to a "small number of roles."

Word of the cuts first emerged when senior global comms manager Max Downton revealed via social media his role was "at risk of redundancy" and he is now entering a consultation period. reached out to Splash Damage and received the following statement:

"Following a recent business review, we have reached a point where we must adapt our structure to better suit the needs of our current and future games. Despite every effort to avoid it, this unfortunately means that a small number of roles across the studio are potentially at risk of redundancy.

"These roles are predominantly on the operations side of the business, with our development teams remaining largely unaffected. All games – both announced and unannounced – remain in development.

"We understand this is a difficult time for some, and we are committed to supporting those impacted."

Splash Damage is best known for its expertise in multiplayer shooter, assisting with the development of various games in both the Gears of War and Halo series.

It is currently working on online multiplayer title Transformers: Reactivate and Project Astrid, an open-world survival game made in collaboration with gaming streamers Christopher "Sacriel" Ball and Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek.

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