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Search For a Star enters phase two

Double the number of entries over last year for programming competition's next round

The Search For a Star programming competition - organised by Aardvark Swift and supported by, Relentless Software, Headstrong Games and Rockstar Leeds - has concluded the initial phase of the process and moved onto round two.

In total, more than double the number of entries was received compared to last year's competition, with 41 universities putting forward 93 students - with encouraging results.

"The high standard of stage one results means that 24 graduates are going to be progressing on to stage two - compared to only 11 that made it through last year," said Aardvark Swift's Hollie Heraghty. "With such a high calibre of graduate at this early stage it looks like this year's competition is going to be extremely tough."

While the first round involved a written test, round two will task students with fixing, updating and improving a sample game over the course of a single week, and will begin in a few weeks' time.

Those games will be judged by representatives from Relentless, Headstrong and Rockstar, with the best candidates making it through to a panel interview later in the year.

The winner of the competition, who will be handed a job in the industry, will be unveiled at this year's Eurogamer Expo in September. More information on the process can be found in our Search For a Star feature.

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