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Xbox sponsors the England Football Team to promote inclusivity and accessibility

Platform holder reveals 'When Everyone Plays, We All Win' message

Microsoft brings back Xbox Design Lab

Originally launched in 2016, the program now also lets players customise Xbox Wireless Controllers for Series X|S

Game Pass on Switch: could it happen? | Opinion

A deposition suggests Xbox approached Nintendo about xCloud, showing how fluid this unusual console war can be

Microsoft aims to avoid Xbox Series scalping with Console Purchase Pilot

The program is designed to stop scalpers purchasing consoles by giving Xbox players a first chance to buy

Xbox Series X|S set to launch in China in June

Pre-orders for the consoles will open on May 19

Apple questions credibility of Xbox testimony

Update: Epic files opposition, Microsoft also working on a response

Epic pushed for subscription-free multiplayer on Xbox ahead of Apple battle

CEO Tim Sweeney told Xbox boss Phil Spencer that "certain plans for August" would create an "extraordinary opportunity"

Xbox: Democratising game development is important for society

Sarah Bond, head of Microsoft's new Gaming Ecosystem Organisation, talks about the firm's efforts to make cloud accessible to even the smallest teams

Free-to-play games on Xbox no longer require Live Gold subscription

Over 50 titles are now free to download and play

Microsoft xCloud beta rolls out on iOS and PC tomorrow

Apple initially blocked the app, but users will be able to play Xbox games via Edge, Chrome or Safari browsers

Xbox controller drift lawsuit to be settled out of court

Microsoft's call for the case to be moved to arbitration was successful

Microsoft tests removal of Xbox Live requirement for free-to-play games

Release notes in Insiders testing program say Microsoft will no longer require a paid subscription to play free-to-play games online

Microsoft adds touch controls to Xbox Cloud Gaming titles

Over 50 games can now be played with an Android device instead of a controller

Microsoft's Zenimax acquisition approved by EU

Update: European Commission has no concerns with the deal impacting the common market

Ampere: PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sales in line with, not ahead of, previous gen

But firm believes new PlayStation could sell up to eight million units by end of March, surpassing PS4

Microsoft requests EU approval for ZeniMax acquisition

European Commission's antitrust regulators will decide by March 5

How can Xbox encourage consumers to 'swim upstream'? | Opinion

Microsoft's new consoles are off to a strong start - but converting its standard Live users to higher-revenue Game Pass subscribers remains a thorny challenge

Microsoft calls for Xbox drift lawsuit to be handled by arbitration

Platform holder wants class-action case to be taken out of court and away from a jury trial

Xbox Series X|S is biggest console launch in Microsoft's history

Update: And 70% of Xbox Series X and S consoles are attached to Xbox Game Pass memberships

Xbox Series X|S is the beginning of the end for console generations | Console analysis

Microsoft's new devices may not be essential purchases today, but they lay the groundwork for the future of the industry


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