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Microsoft slashes $100 off Xbox One X for Black Friday

And players can now get Game Pass for Ł1/$1 for the first month

The Podcast: Full stream ahead?

Latest episode available to download now, discussing Microsoft's Project xCloud and other games firms' streaming ambitions

The Xbox Tanker is turning

It takes years for a console platform to win back hearts and minds, but Xbox is finally getting there; now it needs to find and promote its unique difference

Microsoft details game streaming service Project xCloud

Public trials begin next year, Xbox One developers apparently able to bring games across “with no additional work”

Newzoo: Catering to families with Xbox Game Pass could be key to closing gap on Sony

Game subscription services are markedly more popular among families, but most packages don't provide family plans

Xbox reviving X0 event this November

X018 will be held alongside FanFest in Mexico, with major announcements streamed online

Xbox: “I can't think of a holiday that has more AAA games in such a tight time period”

Microsoft on a blockbuster Christmas for console games, and retailer views on Game Pass

Microsoft reportedly bundling console, Gold and Game Pass into Xbox All Access service

Project Largo offers Xbox One X plus online services for $34.99 per month, $149 accessory allegedly pulled from Gamescom reveal

Halo TV series confirmed for a 2020 release

Showtime president and CEO describes show as "[our] most ambitious series ever"

Sea of Thieves reaches five million players as Cursed Sails expansion launches

Plus, 40 million hours broadcast on Twitch but it's still unclear how player count translates to sales due to Game Pass inclusion

Xbox: Accessible games can “mean the difference between existing and living” for disabled people

But platform holder's Tara Voelker urges developers to add more accessibility options to their titles

Playground Games: "Our best is yet to come" thanks to Microsoft acquisition

Creative director Ralph Fulton believes transition from third-party to first-party studio can empower his team to do more

Phil Spencer on Microsoft's commitment to the traditional console experience

It's important to support players of old games on new hardware, says Xbox head

Xbox reveals accessible controller for players with disabilities

Phil Spencer: Xbox Adaptive is "only one step on our journey to inclusive design"

Xbox One sales up by 15% for 2018

Record-setting start to the year for platform holder

Former Tomb Raider boss joins Xbox leadership team

Darrell Gallagher now at Microsoft, teases big things for E3

Sea of Thieves attracts two million players in first week

Rare's shared world pirate adventure also drives streaming and Xbox Live friendship figures

Xbox adds almost 300 indie games in a year

“We try to never say the word indie internally,” says ID@Xbox director

Microsoft: 'We're growing our gaming business beyond the console'

The company lays out its vision to attract two billion gamers by 2020


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