Tilting Point

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Tilting Point invests up to $40m in UA funding for Gunship Battle: Total Warfare

This is the publisher's largest UA funding partnership so far

Tilting Point buys Star Trek Timelines from Disruptor Beam

Key team members will join Tilting Point to operate Timelines as Wicked Realms Games

Tilting Point acquires monetization firm Gondola

User acquisition and marketing outfit picks up in-game offer and ad optimization company

Tilting Point invests $30m into Mino Games' Cat Game

This marks the publisher's largest user acquisition investment so far

Tilting Point to invest at least $20m into CookApps

Mobile publisher enters UA partnership for match-3 mobile game, Toy Party

Disruptor Beam, Tilting Point partner for $29m user acquisition and publishing deal

Tilting Point to help expand audience of Star Trek Timelines and publish upcoming unannounced Disruptor Beam RPG

Tilting Point opens new Barcelona studio

Mobile firm's new outfit will focus on publishing, art and user acquisition

Tilting Point increases user acquisition fund for mobile developers

Marketing and publishing service commits up to $132 million annually to help new games stand out

New hire for Tilting Point

Samir El Agili joins as chief product officer

Harmonix, Tilting Point sign multi-title mobile deal

Dance Central developer turns to publishing service for help with monetization, marketing, funding, and more


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