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Disruptor Beam, Tilting Point partner for $29m user acquisition and publishing deal

Tilting Point to help expand audience of Star Trek Timelines and publish upcoming unannounced Disruptor Beam RPG

Massachusetts-based developer Disruptor Beam has expanded a partnership with user acquisition platform Tilting Point to the tune of $29 million.

The funds will be used to help expand the audience of its free-to-play mobile title, Star Trek Timelines. Tilting Point will lead marketing, sales, and distribution of the game going forward.

The partnership will also include co-development on an upcoming character collection RPG based on an existing IP, for which Tilting Point will serve as the publisher.

This deal is not the first time the two companies have partnered, but rather builds on an existing relationship. Over the last year, Tilting Point has funded a number of user acquisition campaigns for Disruptor Beam's titles, including Game of Thrones Ascent.

"Time and again, Disruptor Beam has proven they can transform cherished entertainment properties into truly top-notch character collection RPGs," said Tilting Point CEO Kevin Segalla. "We are excited to deepen our relationship by bringing the full weight of our publishing and marketing expertise to grow an existing title, and of course we are thrilled to take the next step - developing a brand-new game together."

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