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Blizzard's new MLG eSports division to focus on Overwatch

Major League Gaming now fully integrated into Blizzard, will also handle Call of Duty World League ad revenues up 482%

Major League Gaming touts year-over-year boost for its online broadcasting platform

PewDiePie signs with MLG

Episodes of YouTube star's BroKen podcast to air first on eSports outfit's online streaming platform

MLG hires Zombie Studios' creative director

Jared Gerritzen joins eSports league as VP of publisher and developer relations

MLG event will be part of X Games Austin

Pro gaming league Call of Duty tourney will be contested at ESPN's June sports competition

MLG building permanent arena in China

Hengqin Island facility expected to seat more than 10,000, serve as centerpiece of $2.9 billion gaming destination

MLG names Ryan Wyatt as VP of programming

Former Machinima head of live and eSports moves to competitive gaming outfit to work on

Cracking the code on eSports

MLG president Mike Sepso lays out the challenges to growing and selling gaming as a spectator sport

Major League Gaming enters Brazil

MLG Brasil is looking to build "an extensive competitive gaming platform in South America"

MLG and Relativity Media form content and marketing partnership

Both companies will work together to expand MLG's reach into other media

MLG board adds Houston Rockets GM

Major League Gaming brings on a new board member and two executive hires

Major League Gaming considering development of e-sports FPS

CEO claims it has the knowledge to create the ideal shooter for competitive gaming


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