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People of the Year 2019: Hermen Hulst

Guerrilla Games' former MD on the journey from Killzone to Horizon Zero Dawn, and his next challenge as PlayStation's head of Worldwide Studios

Guerrilla Games to nearly double its staff with planned office move

CEO Hermen Hulst wants to shorten production time to three years

Horizon Zero Dawn wins the Ivor Novello Award

Guerrilla's celebrated new IP beats Hellblade and Life is Strange: Before the Storm to prestigious prize

Horizon: Zero Dawn sells 7.6m copies in first year

Guerrilla Games' sci-fi epic is PlayStation 4's biggest selling new first-party franchise

Guerrilla Games: "We've gone from designing rollercoaster rides to theme parks"

Horizon: Zero Dawn art director Jan-Bart Van Beek on the acclaimed new IP's origins and why games offer more unique worlds than movies

Guerrilla Games loses long-serving game director

Steven ter Heide brings 12 years at the company to an end, looks ahead to "starting something new"

Horizon Zero Dawn delayed to 2017

Guerrilla's next PS4-exclusive pushed back to February 28 "to deliver fully on our ambitious vision"

Fallout: New Vegas writer joins Guerrilla Games

John Gonzalez makes the moves from WB Games

Killzone dev: Effort needed to make next-gen title has "quadrupled"

Guerrilla Games' Eric Boltjes explains PS4's easier architecture

Killzone 3 multiplayer goes free in US

Shooter fans get level capped version, $15 to unlock full multiplayer game

Technical director swaps Guerrilla for Visceral

Arjan Brussee leaves Killzone developer for EA studio

Tech Focus: Killzone 3

Digital Foundry goes head-to-head with Guerrilla Games on the technical make-up of its latest shooter

Digital Foundry joins

Richard Leadbetter's respected tech analysis to offer regular features on leading trade site

Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 leaked online

Pirated versions of Sony and EA titles available weeks before release

Critical Consensus: Killzone 3

Old red eyes is back

Heide and Speak

Guerrilla Games' senior producer talks Sony, independence and how to tackle new IP

Game budgets will continue to rise, says Guerrilla producer

Steven Ter Heide doesn't see AAA costs levelling out soon; encourages start-ups to think big because "playing it safe doesn't hack it"

Guerrilla Games MD unveils new IP plans

Dutch Killzone development studio working on unnamed title for PS3

Killzone 2 wins inaugural games Ivor

Composer Joris de Man honoured with Ivor Novello award for best game soundtrack

Ex-Guerrilla boss forms non-profit publisher

Martin de Ronde, co-founder of Killzone developer Guerrilla Games, has launched the industry's first non-profit videogame publisher.

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