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Digital Foundry joins GamesIndustry.biz

Richard Leadbetter's respected tech analysis to offer regular features on leading trade site

I'm really pleased to announce that Digital Foundry is expanding its coverage to include a series of articles for GamesIndustry.biz.

Back in May 2009, Eurogamer took on the DF blog, adding unique technical analysis to its existing range of top-tier editorial. The original idea was fairly straightforward - to benchmark console game performance in a similar way to how PC tech sites have covered games for many years, and to put this data into context of the gameplay experience. As the blog found its feet and began to evolve, the scope of the channel soon expanded to cover many other areas of gaming tech.

The response from audiences has been fantastic, not just from the readership but from the development community: many of the articles I'm personally most proud of producing in the last couple of years simply would not have been possible without game-makers themselves championing our cause and explaining the worth of what we do to their marketing colleagues, resulting in some unique, stand-out editorial.

As Digital Foundry content gained popularity, its remit expanded still further, and our relationship with developers evolved, perhaps to the point where some of our core gaming readership may have started to feel a little left out of the conversation. As we came to plan the future of the blog, we were faced with a difficult question: how could we re-focus Digital Foundry at Eurogamer, but continue to expand the kinds of articles and information that developers get the most value from?

The solution was a something of a no-brainer: such content now finds a new home here on GamesIndustry.biz, kicking off with an in-depth interview with Guerrilla Games on its latest landmark release, Killzone 3.

It's an interesting example of how we aim to evolve Digital Foundry - selected material from this piece has already been used in our Making of Killzone 3 article for Eurogamer, but here at GamesIndustry.biz, you'll find the complete text of the entire interview with Guerrilla's technical director, Michiel van der Leeuw, covering additional topics such as the relationships between Sony internal studios and how they interact, in-depth information on technical improvements to the Killzone engine, the process behind implementing PlayStation Move support along with a fascinating insight into the procedures used in optimising performance.

I hope you'll agree it's a very cool opener, and if all goes to plan we'll have equally strong content going forward. The beauty of the Digital Foundry concept is that gaming tech is such a wide-ranging subject, there are limitless stories we can tell and I can't wait to get going.