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Playdek abandons troubled Kickstarter title Unsung Story

Rights passed to Little Orbit three years after studio raised $660,000 via crowdfunding

Unsung Story has lost its original developer.

The turn-based strategy game was being built by Playdek following a successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, but an update to backers reveals the studio has ceased development on the title, Kotaku reports.

Instead, the rights to Unsung Store have been passed to Little Orbit, a company best known for various licensed titles based on Adventure time, Barbie, Kung Fu Panda and more. Little Orbit will reportedly continue development and publish the finished game.

The update to backers thanked everyone that had pledged to the project for their support and assured them that Unsung Story will eventually be completed.

"Through the trials we have had as a company over the last few years, Playdek has strived to keep the project alive, as we believe in the game and the story that Yasumi Matsuno designed to set it in," the update reads. "To that, we want to let you know that the project is going to continue forward, but our involvement is coming to an end.

"Effective immediately publisher/developer Little Orbit has taken over all the rights and assets to Unsung Story from Playdek, and is now the project creator. They believe strongly the game can be an amazing Tactics RPG, and they are excited to carry on and bring Matsuno's story to life. They will be bringing you project news from this point on to update everyone on their plans for the game.

"Again, we want to thank you for your support of this project, and though we are sorry that we were unable to complete it for you, we believe the project is in good hands, with people who have the same passion for the game."

Unsung Story has already suffered a troubled development cycle, despite the success of its Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign raised $660,126 three years ago and the game was originally due for release in July 2015. However, this was later pushed back to October 2016 due to a period of "financial crunch" slowing the studio's progress.

A further delayed ensued when, in February 2016, it was revealed Unsung Story had been placed on hold while Playdek took on additional projects to stabilise its finances. Throughout the various delays, backers have complained about the lack of communication from Playdek with the studio going dark for months at a time.