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Nintendo receives lawsuit over Mario Kart Tour microtransactions

The filing calls for a refund for all US minors that have spent money on the racing title's loot boxes

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Nintendo is facing a possible class action lawsuit over loot boxes in Mario Kart Tour.

As reported by ClassAction, the complaint was filed by a parent whose child spent more than $170 on the mobile title.

The suit accuses the platform holder of purposely making the game challenging without spending money.

It says that Nintendo of America has refused to refund minors, "a large segment of [the company's] player population," who've made purchases via spotlight pipes, Mario Kart Tour's loot boxes.

Nintendo removed the spotlight pipes from the racing title in September 2022.

The filing requests refunds to all underaged children in the US who spent money on Mario Kart Tour's loot boxes.

Over the years, continued calls have been made to regulate loot boxes within the games industry.

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