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Jeff Strain launches Crop Circle Games

The new studio will be led by Jessica Brunelle as it becomes Prytania Media's second developer

ArenaNet co-founder and Prytania Media founder Jeff Strain has announced the opening of game development studio Crop Circle Games.

Established in 2021 by Jeff and Annie Strain, Prytania is a game development firm with a focus on new IPs.

Crop Circle joins Possibility Space as the second studio under the firm. The new studio is backed by $25 million investments from the Transcend Fund and other partners.

The games company will be led by studio director Jessica Brunelle, its executive team will include creative director Doug Williams, and art director Ocala Scott-Bellows.

Design director Nick Mhley, tech director Braeden Shosa and narrative director Josh Scherr will round out Crop Circle's leadership.

"Trends come and go in this industry but balancing the non-flashy fundamentals of both game development and managing a business are how you build studios for the long run," said Strain.

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