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Humble Bundle will no longer let users donate 100% to charity

A minimum of 15% to 30% will have to go to the storefront from mid-July

Humble Bundle will remove the ability for users to donate 100% of the purchase price to charity from mid-July.

In a blog post detailing the change, Humble Bundle explained that going forward a minimum of 15% to 30% will have to go to the storefront.

The company said the move was motivated by the significant evolution of the PC storefront landscape since it first launched its bundles in 2010.

"We have to continue to evolve with it to stay on mission," the post read. "The update will allow us to continue to offer great prices on amazing games, books and software all while supporting important charitable initiatives with every single purchase."

Earlier this year, Humble had announced that it would limit charity donations to 15%, but it reversed its decision a few weeks later following feedback from the community.

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