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Humble raised $33m in donations in 2022

Also since the retailer and game publisher's establishment in 2010, it has fundraised $240 million for charities

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Humble has announced that in 2022 it raised over $33 million for charitable organizations.

In the Humble 2022 Social Impact Report, the firm said that its donations have gone to a wide array of causes, including 800 scholarships, 890 tons of medical supplies delivered, and five million meals.

In total, 10,000 charities were supported by the digital retailer and game publisher’s fundraisers.

Humble vice president Kamini Tiwari said, "While it's a fact of life that no matter how much good work gets done, more is always needed, our hope is that this report detailing the impact our communities and partners were able to have with us last year will further motivate even greater outpourings of support this year and beyond."

Additionally, since the company's establishment in 2010, it has raised over $240 million in donations.

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