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Gamescom Latam and smart game delays | Microcast

Latest episode available to download or watch now

The latest episode of the Microcast is available to download now, or you can watch the full show below.

This week, James reports back from the first ever Gamescom Latam and gives a little insight into the growth of both the Brazillian games market and Gamescom as a global show.

We also discuss Don't Nod's decision to delay new IP Lost Records: Bloom & Rage to avoid clashing with its previous IP Life Is Strange, which returns this October. The history of the industry is filled with examples of rival titles going head-to-head to the benefit of no one (and we list quite a few), so we discuss the need for smarter release scheduling going forward.

Please note: There were a few technical issues during recording and we have done our best to address them.

You can watch via the player below, download the audio podcast version here, or subscribe to our podcast feed, available via Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, CastBox, Player FM, TuneIn and other widely-used podcast platforms.

Video versions of the Microcast can be found on the YouTube channel, or via this playlist.

Episode edited by Alix Attenborough.

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