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GameRecruiter Announces New Serious Games Division

GR Serious based in Orlando, Todd Gillick to Oversee


Thursday, February 14---Fort Lauderdale, FL---GameRecruiter, the leader in recruitment services for the interactive entertainment industry, is pleased to announce the launch of GR Serious, their new fully operating business division specializing in the recruitment of quality professionals for the serious games industry. This industry includes military simulation, medical simulation and interactive training and development for a variety of disciplines.

Managed by Todd Gillick, Division Director and Client Manager, GR Serious will operate under the existing umbrella of GameRecruiter. The GR Serious headquarters are established in the Orange County area of Florida, the heart of the U.S. simulation industry. Within the US serious games segment, GR Serious is working with mid-size, growth-oriented companies. GR Serious is tapping into an existing database of game industry talent coming from traditional console, online and mobile games.

In addition, GR Serious will identify and open new source companies specifically geared towards the talent needs of the target market. One of GR Serious' objectives is establishing itself in this new market sector, crossing the bridge between traditional game industry talent and the serious games sector.

Marc Mencher, CEO of GameRecruiter, states "GR Serious offers the serious games industry a high quality, uniquely specified solution to identify, attract and obtain professional talent for the development of serious games products. GR Serious will offer a new professional talent pool to the serious games industry - professionals from the traditional games industry."

Todd Gillick adds, "GR Serious is a results-oriented, recruitment tool that is positioned to tackle the challenges of a highly competitive labor market specific to the serious games industry. GR Serious is committed to delivering a high value to its clients."

Gillick plays a vital role in GR Serious by performing all sales activities including the identification, prospecting and securing of new client relationships. In addition, Gillick oversees the account management responsibilities for GR Serious clients. Gillick is also providing strategic leadership for the division by performing operations management, the hiring of a recruiters, client managers and support staff.

Gillick brings 9 years of sales and strategic management experience in the video game, insurance and real estate industries to his role. Mr. Gillick has identified and built a successful recruiting stable in mobile games, propelling GameRecruiter to the industry leader in the mobile games segment of the industry. Gillick has built uniform account management standards and reporting techniques subsequently improving operational efficiencies, decreasing overall sales cycle timeframes and increasing client satisfaction.

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