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Football Manager studio head rebuffs PlayStation's claim that Game Pass is "value destructive"

The Sports Interactive executive said "For us, it's nothing but positive on all three platforms"

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Football Manager studio head, Miles Jacobson, has rebuffed PlayStation head Jim Ryan's opinion that Xbox's Game Pass is "value destructive" to video games.

Ryan's comment was provided during the ongoing Microsoft vs. FTC hearing.

In speaking with Eurogamer, the Sports Interactive developer said every studio has differing opinions on the matter for a variety of reasons.

"Studios will have different data because different games work well in different situations. For us, it's nothing but positive on all three platforms," he said.

Jacbonson added that subscription services such as Game Pass had been a net positive for the Football Manager maker. Earlier this week, the developer said its player count grew to five million after releasing on more platforms.

The studio head said, "Every studio has to make decisions themselves, but I don't recognize some quotes from other studios and depositions. I don't recognize that in our business. It's all very sunny for us."

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