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Fntastic's now-deleted statement rebuffed allegations about The Day Before's development

The social media post claims in part, that it forcibly issued refunds to users who did not request them

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Fntastic has responded to claims of misinformation regarding The Day Before's development and financial performance.

As reported by PCGamesN, the studio issued a statement in a now-deleted social media post about the title's circumstances.

Regarding the allegations that Fntastic deceived players, it said, "We didn't take a penny from users, didn't use crowdfunding, and didn't offer pre-orders. Even after the game was closed, we together with the publisher, returned money to all players, including forcibly issuing refunds to those who did not request them."

The memo also responded to anonymous former staffers telling different stories about development.

"Despite being a small indie company with a limited budget, we assisted employees with relocation and healthcare and helped some of them to buy equipment and with their mortgages and other personal matters," it said.

Prior to The Day Before's launch on Early Access on Steam and Fantastic shutting down a week later, the studio was the subject of controversy.

Back in June 2022, it was revealed that The Day Before was being developed in part with unpaid staffers.

Then, in January of 2023, the MMO title was delayed due to a trademark claim, leading to it being delisted on Steam.

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