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EA Play, formerly EA Access, launches on Steam on August 31

Subscription service includes franchises such as The Sims, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and others

EA Play, the subscription service formerly known as EA Access, is coming to Steam at last on August 31.

In a new hub page on Steam, the service revealed its launch date as well as a selection of the games available to subscribers upon launch.

These include titles such as Titanfall 2, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Battlefield 5, The Sims 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3, and EA Originals such as A Way Out, Sea of Solitude, Unravel, and Fe.

EA Play is the new name of EA Access and Origin Access, after the publisher merged its services and rebranded them beginning just last week, while renaming its annual E3-adjacent event from EA Play to EA Play Live.

EA Play costs $4.99 per month regardless of platform, and gives access to a library of games, as well as 10% membership discounts on select purchases such as full titles, season passes, and DLC.

The publisher has been gearing up for this announcement in recent months by releasing a wave of titles on Steam -- a move that meaningfully bolstered the company's earnings last quarter.

"Since the time we removed our games from Steam, there's been this dramatic increase in the number of gaming services, which you would think would be really good for players," said EA senior VP Mike Blank last year when the publisher first announced it would return to Steam.

"But I think in many cases, it's the exact opposite. It creates more difficulty for players, and providing player choice -- from my perspective and speaking on behalf of EA -- is really critical. It's an opportunity to make it possible for people to play where they want, to reduce that fragmentation and make it more frictionless...Reducing that fragmentation is really important. It's the most player-first thing we can do."

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