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CrowdStar takes on Japan

Happy Aquarium dev goes head to head with Zynga in emerging social market

CrowdStar, oft-considered the third biggest social gaming studio, has partnered with Japanese developer Drecom to bring its titles to Japan.

Drecom's games sport over 7 million subscribers, gained in just a year.

CrowdStar titles including Happy Aquarium, which pulls in 11.8 million monthly active Facebook users, will soon arrive on Japanese social networks such as Mixi, Hangame and Gree - where they will compete with titles from Zynga.

The FarmVille developer has made a number of moves to takeover Japan's burgeoning mobile and social scene, including the founding of a new studio thanks to a partnership with SoftBank and the acquisition of Tokyo start-up Unoh.

But while Zynga has enjoyed hundreds of millions in investment, CrowdStar has yet to announce any investment outside of start-up funding.

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