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Court blocks restraining order against EA college football game

Ruling said that if college athletes' likenesses are used, their rights are not licensed and not dependent on one another

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A US district court has denied The Brandr Group's motion for a temporary restraining order against EA sports.

As reported by ON3, the brand management agency's order was an attempt to delay the upcoming EA Sports College Football.

Brandr alleged that the video game would be a threat to its clients, forcing them to either comply or be left out of the EA Sports title.

The court explained in the decision that if collegiate athletes' likenesses are used in the game, the rights are not licensed and dependent on one another.

The court ruling comes a month after the College Football Players Association urged players to boycott the upcoming EA game as a protest over low wages for the athletes involved.

It was reported that college football players would receive $500 each for their appearance in the title.

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