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Changing Channels kicks off with Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky

Find out how the games and books influence each other in our first session at 10am BST / 5am ET / 2am PT

Our free Changing Channels digital conference starts in just over an hour, when we'll be joined by Dmitry Glukhovsky -- the writer behind the Metro novels and video games.

Changing Channels explores the crossover between video games, film, TV, books and more and runs from 10am BST / 5am ET / 2pm PT to 10pm PST / 5pm ET / 2am PT today.

You can watch the whole event via, at our YouTube channel, or you can tune into this session below. Register your free ticket here, and you'll be sent invitation details for the post-conference networking.

In our first session, Glukhovsky will share more on his involvement with the hit shooter series by 4A Games, the differences between writing for video games versus writing a book, and how the Metro games and novels influence each other.

Later in the day we'll have talks and panels from Rogue One writer Gary Whitta, 20th Century Fox, Electronic Arts, Epic Games, Outside Xbox, Tinybuild and more. Find the full schedule here or on the GI Live website.

Changing Channels is part of our GI Live initiative: seven weeks of digital events, plus extensive coverage of major conferences such as GDC, Devcom, PAX Online and EGX Digital. You can find out more here.

From Page to 'Pad: Interview with Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky kicks off at 10am BST.

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