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Bungie to crack down on third-party peripherals used for cheating

Destiny 2 developer to issue "warnings, restrictions and/or bans" to players using devices "specifically to gain an advantage over other players"

Bungie has announced a toughened policy targeting third-party peripherals used for cheating.

In a blog post, the Destiny 2 studio explained that some cheaters use hardware that intend to "manipulate the game client."

"These devices are plugged into a computer or console, where they can – for example – execute simple scripts or trick the game into giving you extra aim assist," it further explained.

Bungie said it would take action against players using those devices "specifically to gain an advantage over other players" going forward, including bans.

The studio clarified that it does however "embrace the use of external accessibility aids that enable an experience the game designers intended," referring to third-party accessibility controllers, for instance. The company's stance only applies to "device or input that augments the player’s ability to control the game beyond what the game itself normally provides."

"Simply using an accessibility aide to play Destiny 2, where a player could not play otherwise, would not be a violation of this policy," it further added.

"We will be monitoring for violations of the policy and issuing warnings, restrictions and/or bans appropriately. This has been a matter of extended conversations both internally and in the community, and we want to strike the right balance between Bungie’s goal of simultaneously enabling everyone to enjoy our games and protecting our community."

Over the years, Bungie has filed several legal actions against cheat providers, including LaviCheats earlier this year, Elite Boss Tech in 2022 and AimJunkies, in a case that went on for two years.

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