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Bobby Kotick could receive $15m if let go after Microsoft Activision buyout

Microsoft SEC filing reveals CEO's 'golden parachute', first negotiations between the companies and more

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick could be in line for even more payouts following Microsoft's pending acquisition of the publisher, according to details in a recent SEC filing.

As noted by Axios, Kotick could receive a 'golden parachute' payment of $15 million as compensation if he is fired without cause after the deal closes.

Kotick was previously expected to leave his position at Activision once the acquisition is finalised, but the filing indicates that the board could extend his contract beyond March 2023.

Additionally, the CEO could get as much as $22 million in stock as soon as July this year if the board sees a notable improvement in the company's workplace culture.

Measured milestones detailed last year include the implementation of a zero-tolerance harassment plan, and an increase in hiring more women and non-binary people.

Kotick already owns 6.5 million shares, worth $619 million at Microsoft's price of $95 per share.

The filing also reveals that negotiations for Microsoft to buy the embattled publisher began just three days after the Wall Street Journal's report on Kotick's mismanagement of issues at the firm.

On November 16, WSJ reported that Kotick knew about several instances of sexual misconduct, and detailed several allegations against Kotick himself.

Two days later on November 18, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the company is "re-evaluating its relationship with Activision Blizzard," though it is now believed that conversations regarding the acquisition started to take place a day later.

In a rare interview last month, Kotick suggested that the delays of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 had more impact on Activision's declining share price than the ongoing allegations of misconduct across the company.

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that this yea

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