Virtuos kickstarts full cross-platform development project

China-based outsourcing firm to release internally-created next-gen title as company hits 500 staff

Virtuos, the China-based work-for-hire company, has announced that it has been commissioned to work on an internally-developed title, to be released simultaneously on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS and PlayStation Portable.

The game, which is the latest instalment in a series "from one of the world's leading publishers," is yet to be detailed, but the move will mark the first time an independent company in China has created a game internally for all the current-gen platforms.

Additionally it was revealed that as the company celebrates its fifth anniversary, it also now employs 500 people across its development centres in Shanghai and Chengdu.

"Virtuos is proud to reach this important milestone," commented CEO Gilles Langourieux. "Driven by a very strong base of local talent, China will continue to evolve into a central player in game development and digital content outsourcing in the next decade.

"Steady expansion continues to enhance our ability to deliver on the natural competitive advantage of production in China - we have been fortunate over the years to have the benefit of excellent talent attracting great projects, and great projects attracting more excellent talent."

Among the services now offered by Virtuos are the most recent additions of online games, concept art and CG movie capabilities.

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