Game trials will be required for some games on the PlayStation Store

Titles $34 and over on the digital storefront must have limited game trials that are at least two hours long

Sony has issued a new policy, which states that titles $34 or higher must include limited game trials and at minimum run for two hours.

As reported by GameDeveloper, the platform holder has begun communicating the update with creators.

A game trial allows consumers to experience the full game, but it's only playable for a certain period of time.

The change follows Sony's announcement for its expanded subscription services for PlayStation Plus.

Game creators will have a period of up to three months following a title's launch to also release a game trial on the PlayStation store.

Gamedeveloper's report also said that this new policy may present a problem for smaller studios.

Larger AAA companies will likely have resources readily available to meet these requirements, whereas mid to smaller tier companies may struggle.

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Charlie Scott-Skinner Senior Developer 17 days ago
I get the policy and as a consumer quite like it, but as a developer the way itís done is stupid

Itís basically requiring countless man hours across every studio to duplicate the exact same work that could and should done once at the firmware level

If it was a separate demo build, ok - it should be crafted to specific products at the studio level (although itís more work)

But as itís just a time boxed full product it should be done in the firmware IMO
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