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Star Citizen now offering to sell in-game land

The most successful crowdfunded game ever is asking players to spend more

Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen has already generated an astonishing $168 million in crowdfunding, but the game is now adding another microtransaction option to generate even more money. As of yesterday, Cloud Imperium started offering players the chance to buy land, as detailed in this official FAQ.

Players can claim a 4km x 4km plot for $50 or a 8km x 8km parcel for $100. The developer said that each plot of virtual land also comes with a 'Geotack Marking Beacon' to enable players to find their virtual "home" and also to be alerted when any intruders enter the space. Cloud Imperium noted that there are "billions of square kilometers" available for purchase, and if even a fraction of those billions are purchased that amounts to quite a cash total for the developer. Cloud Imperium has stated that the funds are going back into the project to aid ongoing development.

Some might think that offering plots of land could lead to a pay-to-win scenario, but Cloud Imperium has said that players who don't purchase any land will not be at a disadvantage. It's hard to know how this will play out, as all players will get right now when they buy is a claim license to their parcel - land cannot be claimed until Cloud Imperium takes the feature live and it's not yet known when that will happen.

Star Citizen has been in development since 2011 and was actually planned for a release in 2014 initially. There's still no official release date, and the fact that Cloud Imperium keeps raising money and offering expensive ships, and now land, for sale has caused some to scrutinize the developer's intent.

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Latest comments (4)

Donald Designer / Game Developer, Satsuma Droid3 years ago
Its a scam. The business model for CI has changed from releasing a finished game, to coming up with new ways to generate donations, pre-sales, content packs, etc.. They have blown all the initial money, and now their focus is coming up with new ways to keep donations flowing. Backers don't realize they are already playing the game, its called 'String them along'. Stop giving these clowns money, let the pyramid scheme collapse sooner rather than later for the sake of crowdfunding games of the future.
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Benjamin Crause Supervisor Central Support, Nintendo of Europe3 years ago
It is at least questionable to sell micro-transactions for an unfinished not released game. I won't touch this with a stick until it is actually released. The chance for this to go up in a huge soap bubble is there.
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Joe.Blobers Surveyor, Satsuma Droid3 years ago
As usual, some will complain about something which is there since Kickstarter in 2012: pledge to get a project done. Not eveon talking about usual haters troll shooting scam :)
Pledging for ships is okay but pledging for Land is horrendous :)

Those loving Pew-Pew will buy ships, those looking for ground building + farming/mining will buy land.
Nothing weird, just the same old kickstarter model.

Project is now in 3.0 heavy testing and 2018 is the year that will see most if not all jobs added to the core game (mining, salvagind, repair, exploration, transport...). All this done by a +450 team. with 4K fidelity.... This not free, at least those talented guys pretend to be paid :)
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Shane Sweeney Academic 3 years ago
This is one of the most bizarre stories in gaming ever. If they actually spend it all on Dev they will soon have the most expensive game of all time.
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