Take-Two Interactive closes 2K China

Decided Borderlands Online "would not yield a favorable return on investment"

Take-Two Interactive has confirmed its closing its 2K China studio following the cancellation of Borderlands Online. The Shanghai studio and offices were home to around 150 members of staff.

"We are excited about the opportunities to expand our business in Asia, and we remain committed to delivering triple-A offerings for that region. At this time, we can confirm that we are closing 2K China," A Take-Two spokesperson told

"We determined that the additional time required to finish current projects at the studio, particularly Borderlands Online, would not yield a favorable return on investment."

The company also clarified that this did not affect its office in Singapore, the NBA 2K Online team (based in Shanghai), or the testing facility in Chengdu

Yesterday Take-Two reported its latest earnings which showed better-than-expected results, with GAAP net revenue growing 175 per cent to $347 million and net income totaling $54.7 million.

"We are working with affected staff to identify other opportunities within the company where possible," the statement continued.

"The costs associated with the closure will not materially impact the company's financial results. This decision does not affect our team behind NBA 2K Online, which has been and continues to be highly successful for our company. In addition, we look forward to the commercial launch of Civilization Online in Korea during this fiscal year."

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Latest comments (3)

Claas Grimm CRO, Red Hot CG6 years ago
Too bad, hopefully all staff can find good employment in the future. If anyone from the team reads this - Red Hot CG is currently looking for Producers, Art Directors and Artists in Shanghai and other China locations.
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Matthew Dai Business Development Associate, Adia Digital Art6 years ago
2K China did a bang-up job and for so many years, too. Anyone looking to relocate to Nanjing (1hr away by train) should come check out ADIA. We are looking for Artists, Technical Artists, and people with cinematic experience!
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Roberto Dillon Associate Professor, James Cook University6 years ago
They just closed a good studio and 150 people are losing their job. They should at least have the decency to avoid saying things like "We are excited about the opportunities to expand our business in Asia".
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