PS4 and Vita hit China March 20

Sony's handheld and console receive new release date after months-long delay

The PlayStation 4 has a new release date in China. After seeing the system's planned January launch scuttled due to "various factors", Sony today announced that the PS4 and the PlayStation Vita would both hit shelves in China on March 20.

Sony is a little late to the market this time around, as Microsoft's Xbox One has been on sale in the region since last September. That launch was likewise subjected to a last-minute delay, albeit one that only lasted a week rather than several months.

Barring another delay, the PS4 will join the Xbox One as the first systems released in China since the government temporarily lifted a ban on consoles in January of last year. While the ban is gone, the government still stipulates that any consoles sold in China must be built in Shanghai's free trade zone.

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Payton Liu Production Support Analyst, IBM China6 years ago
After almost half year (end of Sept. 2014) released of XBOX ONE in China, let's see what we got here:

1. Locked console -> Only can play officially released games in China.

2. Too few games -> Only 10 games released, all of which were launch titles. (
Lengthy audit and censorship took it all.

3. Still more expensive than "gray market" consoles -> Consoles that officially released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

China official pricing ->
At least 3,699 RMB no Kinect with 2 out dated games.

Gray market pricing ->
Too many deals on Alibaba's Taobao, but I can give you just one very good example: Call of Duty themed console & themed game pad + Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare game (which, in my opinion, will unlikely to be ever released in China) = 3,100 RMB (with shipping fee, national wide). PS: Console was originated from Japan.

4. Underwhelming market performance -> We know it sold 100,000 units or more after launch, and that's about the only market data can be found. I can hardly find any further data related to its performance to date. Not in English, anyway.
If you know Chinese, here's one article from state-run media written on 2015 Feb 9 reporting XBOX ONE's poor market performance.

After all, no one is interested in buying a game console without games.

Well, I still don't believe this is the right time for game console makers to enter China. Why wasting big bucks here? Chinese gamers know your consoles and play your consoles, otherwise there wouldn't be a huge gray market. They knew where to buy them cheap and plentiful. They knew about big AAA titles like GTA, Uncharted, Halo and Mario games. They also like a huge library of various games to choose from.

So until Microsoft and Sony can get those games released in China, they are in for a hard ride.
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