Curve disappointed in Xbox One's indie approach

"Leaves the way clear for Sony to capture the most innovative market" says MD

Developer and publisher Curve has released a statement expressing its disappointment in Microsoft's approach to indie development on its new console, the Xbox One.

"XBLA was a trailblazer last generation, so it's sad to see Microsoft not announcing dedicated support for independent developers on the Xbox One," said MD Jason Perkins.

"Refusing to concentrate on easier submissions and discoverability leaves the way clear for Sony to capture the most innovative market in gaming right now."

Curve's most recent release was a PlayStation version of Mike Bithell's Thomas Was Alone, and is now focused on doing the same for Jasper Bryne's Lone Survivor.

"Sony's show of support for developers, including showing independent releases not only front and centre on their store front but also during the PlayStation 4 reveal is creating a more open, co-operative market for independent games to enter the living room on a level playing field."

After the Xbox One reveal GamesIndustry International spoke to a number of indie developers from Pocketwatch Games, Guacamelee and Spicy Horse Games and more to find our their reactions to the machine.

"As an indie developer, there was nothing in this presentation that would lure me into making a game for this console," said Martin Pichlmair of Broken Rules.

"The PS4 is much more tempting and so is the Wii U. From where I'm standing, it looks like iOS, Android and Steam stay the most interesting platforms for independent games for at least one more console generation. OUYA needs to prove itself before I can comment on it, but hiring Kellee Santiago gives them a lot of indie credibility."

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I totally agree with Jason - I was really hoping that Microsoft would announce that Xbox would now be supporting smaller digital publishers, indie developers, business models like freemium/paymium and cross-platform gaming with non-Microsoft devices. Unfortunately, it still feels like their business model is almost entirely focused on the big retail publishers and the big TV networks. Maybe E3 will reveal more, but my worry is that Xbox will remain a very closed insular system for the old guard, which I think will ultimately hurt Microsoft, as more and more innovative new IPs are born and remain on other platforms.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.6 years ago
It does seem like a bizarro world. MS practically paved the way for indie development on a home console. At the same time, Nintendo was doing all it could to stave off indie publication on their consoles.

Now, Nintendo seems to be taking the charge with Sony right along with them and it is MS that is snubbing their nose at indie development.

Had you asked me 2 yeas ago if this would be the case today, I'd have slapped you with a trout and sent you on your merry way to the psycho ward.
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gi biz ;, 6 years ago
Imo, what people should realize is that Microsoft is but one of the possibilities. PC is not just Windows, Console is not just Xbox and pones are not just... er... iPhones. There are so many devices that the chances of a Xbox owner having another device are very good, so it's not like you can't reach him either. Eventually MS will change their mind if enough players ask for indie games, but the past has shown they don't like to listen so why even bother? Seen that SteamBox has been announced, I'd focus on that if I was Curve. And maybe on other, smaller devices, since their games don't seem to be resource hogs.
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