Dean Hall "angry" over The War Z similarities

Day Z creator believes controversial rival has made a negative impact on his reputation

Dean Hall, the creator of Day Z, has spoken out about his anger over Hammerpoint Interactive's widely reviled The War Z.

Writing in response to a post on Reddit, Hall claimed he was "very angry" about the similarities between his popular Arma II zombie-survival mod and The War Z, and the negative impact he felt as a result of Hammerpoint's treatment of its customers.

"I'm quite hurt personally because anyone can see how similar the words are, and while the average gamer knows the difference, individual people don't," he said. "I've had family members/close friends mistake the difference and confront me about what they believed was unethical behaviour they thought I was making.

"I really don't think anyone can understand just quite how exasperated that can make you feel when you've gambled everything on something, put your whole self and reputation on the line. So it hasn't made my life very pleasant, and I disagree entirely with the conduct and how consumers have been treated."

The War Z was pulled from Steam in December following allegations that Hammerpoint had deliberately misled users by listing features in its marketing materials that were not in the finished product.

The initial response from the game's executive producer, Sergey Titov, intimated that users had simply misinterpreted the information - Titov later retracted this statement as an "arrogant" decision brought on by the scale of The War Z's early success.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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Latest comments (8)

Joshua Rose Executive Producer / Lead Designer, Storm Eagle Studios9 years ago
If the Bohemia Interactive Terms of Service for ARMA II are the same as nearly any other game, any mods created for the game are still property of Bohemia interactive. So technically speaking, Bohemia Interactive has had IP ownership of the DayZ mod since it's creation. With the mass amount of negative press War Z got, and the damaged reputation, I smell an impending lawsuit!
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Rob Mathews Specialist Support, Blizzard Entertainment9 years ago
Dean Hall the creator of the DayZ mod actually works full time for Bohemia Interactive
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Tim Carter Designer - Writer - Producer 9 years ago
Joshua, if that clause is actual, I suspect that it is not a contract. If youi create something, it is yours. Sorry. Any contract you sign that invalidates your rights is not a real contract.

I can't see how a third party can claim ownership over the work you did just because that is written in a EULA. Neither would I expect Adobe could claim ownership over anything I made with Photoshop. Sounds like that part of Bohemian's EULA is invalid.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Tim Carter on 18th January 2013 7:05pm

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Joshua Rose Executive Producer / Lead Designer, Storm Eagle Studios9 years ago
I know he works for Bohemia, I've been playing the DayZ mod since May 2012. I've been following very closely =)

Mods based on existing software are very different from something you make in Photoshop. There are many Terms of Service and EULA's that have a clause that basically say anything created to work in conjunction with the software (i.e. mods, scenarios, etc.) become sole property of the Developer and/or Publisher of the base software. Without this clause, people would be allowed to sell user created scenarios and stuff like that, which I'm sure most software companies would put a stop to immediately.

For example... Look at Blizzard ToS regarding account selling, character selling, item selling (outside of the Diablo III RMAH fiasco).

I don't think I explained my point correctly. My point is, IF this clause exists in the EULA for ARMA 2, then the DayZ IP has been the property of Bohemia interactive long before the announcement of 'The War Z'. With all the obvious similarities between the two (other than the name) as well as the resulting negative media surrounding The War Z's release, it would be rather easy for Bohemia to file suit against Hammerpoint for not only theft of intellectual property, but the negative press that came as a result of it.

I'm of course basing my opinion on my knowledge of US intellectual property law, so this may be a different situation.
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Dave Herod Senior Programmer, Codemasters9 years ago
I thought the name Sergey Titov rang a bell. Yes, he's also responsible for Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Kind of explains a lot.
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Ceyhun Alyesil IT Integration Manager, SHR Interaktif Servisler9 years ago
Most of my friends thouth DayZ and WarZ developers are same. I told them many times about it but still sometimes they forget it. Waiting for Dean Hall's next project i hope it will be successfull as Day Z
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 9 years ago
There is one more Zombie game in the pipeline called "State of Decay". What are they going to say?

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Klaus Preisinger on 21st January 2013 8:27am

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Ben Campbell Graphic Designer / Freelance Games Journalist 9 years ago
Klaus Preisinger:
"There is one more Zombie game in the pipeline called "State of Decay". What are they going to say?"
I smell a troll, but in case you are ignorant of the situation. Here is why State of Decay will not cause the same furor that War Z is (I am sure these are the main reasons, though I think I may have left one or two of them out):

a.) The name State of Decay isn't anything like DayZ, so people aren't going to easily confuse like they did with War Z.
b.) The game play, while also being a first person-shooter with zombies, is also going to include management elements in it so as to differentiate it.
c.) War Z promised a whole lot of features that were never implemented in the 'final' game, and most felt it was little more than an attempt to sell people stuff with in-game advertising, rather than providing any sort of tangible, unbroken gameplay mechanics.

Again I am sure there are more reasons for the [justified] negative press against War Z and why people won't confuse DayZ and State of Decay.
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