Flashback designer Paul Cuisset signs new development deal

Vector Cell to work with French publisher Anuman on fresh projects

The creator of acclaimed platform adventure game Flashback, Paul Cuisset, has inked a new deal with French publisher Anuman Interactive.

Cuisset's new studio Vector Cell will work on a number of new titles for the publisher. Cuisset had originally been designer and vice president of Delphine Software, responsible for Flashback, Darkstone and the 4.8 million-selling Moto Racer series.

"We firmly believe that Paul's experience, his know-how and above all his passion will give rise to some of exciting new games for all types of gamers," said Alain Milly, editorial director at Anuman.

While new titles are under wraps, Darkstone is getting a re-release on PC before the end of the year, as well as a mobile release in 2013.

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Peter Bond Studying Art & Design, University of Bedfordshire5 years ago
Good news, been waiting for something exciting from Paul C. Original Flashback in HD and a sequel would be most welcoming! :D

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Neil Hall Senior Lecturer in Games Animation, Teesside University5 years ago
The first game I played non-stop on my Amiga for a whole weekend! Utterly knackered, but what an amazing game. I'd buy something like that. Make sure they do all the cut-scenes in 2D vector graphics again! :-)
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