PS3 has "much more" power to use still, says Cage

Quantic Dream's David Cage believes that developers can extract a lot from Sony's console

PS3 is already in its sixth year and there's still no concrete word on a PS4. Developers have made some beautiful games with the hardware, but even this far into the lifecycle of the machine there's still plenty of horsepower to draw upon, judging by the beautiful Kara video that Quantic Dream showed us this week at GDC. Quantic Dream's David Cage told GamesIndustry International that Sony's hardware has "much more" to offer.

When we asked Cage after seeing Kara played on a PS3 about how much power is left in the console for developers to extract, he answered, "Much more, to be honest with you. One of the reasons why we didn't show this [Kara video] a year ago was that we had discussions with Sony, and they weren't sure that we were going to show after that was going to look better than Kara. It took us a year to prove what we were going to show was a thousand times better than that."

"So we're very far from seeing everything the PS3 can do, it's very powerful hardware. There is still a lot to do with it, people will be surprised."

Cage was reluctant to put a percentage on the power currently being used by top games on the PS3.

"That's difficult to answer. Developers use the hardware in different ways. We put the focus on very close shots and the lighting is very important to us. Other developers consider what matters the size of the landscape you can display. So different developers have different views of the hardware," he said.

He added, "Personally, I consider it takes two to three games on the same path to really see what you can do with the hardware. The teams discover the hardware, they start to use it. The more it goes, the more you can discover what you can do with it."

If Kara is any indication of the power being used for Cage's next project, we can't wait to get our hands on it.

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Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 6 years ago
And then to think this demo was already a year old, and they have learned a lot ofcourse also since then.. Shame they aren't going to release the Kara demo onto PSN..
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Richard Pygott Level Designer 6 years ago
Blade Runner MMO,... yes please!
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