PlayMob and Fat Bob Games help SpecialEffect

Drop Catcher title will share revenue with UK based gamer's charity

A new collaboration between PlayMob, Fat Bob games and gamer charity SpecialEffect will see a new iOS app raise money for disabled gamers.

Fat Bob Games' Drop Catch is now available on the Apple AppStore, and will donate 50 per cent of all revenue from paid, extra in game items to SpecialEffect.

"What better way for them to help our work than through this amazing new idea - gamers raising funds to help transform severely disabled people's lives simply by playing a wonderful new game?" said the charity's Dr Mick Donegan.

"Massive thanks to Playmob, Fat Bob and GamesAid for giving us this wonderful opportunity. For SpecialEffect this idea is a REAL Gamechanger and a marriage made in Heaven!"

Dr Donegan spoke exclusively to back in November, and explained that the specialist equipment needed to help disabled gamers access software can cost thousands and thousands of pounds.

'We had no hesitation in supporting this initiative and working in collaboration is an amazing opportunity to do some good," added Euan Mackenzie of Fat Bob Games.

PlayMob also supported the campaign with Giverboard, a platform designed to link charities and developers.

'When we built Giverboard, this was exactly the sort of initiative we wanted to help build," said Playmob CEO Jude Ower.

"It has come together really quickly and shows when good is being done, people join together as one."

The campaign will run for one month.

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Emma-Jane Corsan Games Journalist/Web Series Producer 6 years ago
This is fantastic. SpecialEffect are an amazing charity! I only hope this will encourage more developers and charities to work together in the future.
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Andy Payne Chair/founder, AppyNation6 years ago
A lot of hard work put in by the FatBob team and the Playmob team has gone into this. Special Effect are an amazing charity and run by amazing people. This is a great cause and an example of 'Play for Good'. Hats off to all the teams !
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