Ex Cryptic staff form crowdsourcing studio Mob Rules

Developers asks contributors to chose first game project

Three former employees of Cryptic Studios have formed a crowdsourincg studio, Mob Rules Games.

The team will allow those who donate to the company votes in the direction of its titles, and is letting its first game be chosen from a selection of three.

"We want to build a studio based from the beginning on community support, open development methods, and transparent business practices," said the company.

But it admitted that its games won't be designed by committee, and it has a clear vision of what it intends to produce.

"We won't consult the voters on every little decision. We also won't consult them on every big decision. The Mob Rules developers have a vision for our games and are responsible for making them as fun and great as we can, and design by committee seldom produces stellar results.

"But there are still plenty of times when there is no obvious right answer or when the opinions of our customers really are the best way to decide what to do next."

The company was founded by Rick Dakan, original lead designer on City of Heroes, Jonathan Wills, former software engineer at Google and Cryptic, and Austin McKinley, comic illustrator and artist on Facebook game Cold War Clambake.

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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game7 years ago
2 things.

Firstly, good luck, I really want to see some massive successes from crowdfunding.
Secondly, more studios should name themselves after Black Sabbath songs.
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