NBA Jam creator leaves EA Sports for Zynga

Mark Turmell departs EA Tiburon for social giant after just 18 months

NBA Jam and Smash T.V. creator Mark Turmell has left EA Sports for Zynga.

Turmell is the latest in a string of high-ranking employees to leave EA for the social game giant, including COO John Schappert and EA Sports general manager Eric Chiang.

He joined the EA Tiburon studio in January 2010 as senior director, and his decision to leave just 18 months into his tenure will be a surprise to many.

"We appreciate Mark's contribution to Tiburon and EA Sports and wish him well in future endeavors," said an EA spokesperson in a statement to Kotaku.

Turmell's decision follows the departure of a number of staff in May to form a new studio, Row Sham Bow, and Phil Frazier, executive producer of the Madden NFL franchise, in June.

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Alvaro Cavalcanti Systems Engineer 6 years ago
Will the next SomeNameVille be sports-themed?
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago



Wait; how do I file a trademark?

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I'm more curious to see what the lure of Zynga is. Surely its not the work culture or perks
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Graham Simpson Tea boy, Collins Stewart6 years ago
Because Basketballville will be so much more fun than NBA....
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