Zynga Germany founded following middleware acquisition

FarmVille firm's latest swoop is HTML5 engine-maker Dextrose

Social gaming giant Zynga has made its first concerted foray into Europe, having bought German developer Dextrose AG.

The year-old studio is based in Mainz, but will be rebranded as Zygna Germany, working out of Frankfurt.

Dextrose's primary product is the Aves Engine, middleware graphical tech for browser-based games. The engine has previously been used to demonstrate an online Sims clone.

Aves uses HTML5 to provide significantly higher-end 2D and pseudo-3D graphics than social games commonly offer. HTML5 is also supported by an increasing number of smartphones.

Google, with which Zynga has been rumoured to be partnering with for a future social network, has been a strong advocate of HTML5 of late.

While not revealing any specific plans, Zynga has confirmed that its new German arm will help the San Francisco-headquartered firm devise "the best in next generation gaming technology."

The partnership is effective immediately, the Dextrose website confirms. Dextrose founders Paul Bakaus and Rocco Di Leo stay on as Zynga Germany's chief technology officer and country manager.

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Maarten Brands7 years ago
Interesting development, but this statement is obviously still wishful thinking: "Aves uses HTML5 to provide significantly higher-end 2D and pseudo-3D graphics than social games commonly offer"

I can not see anything from the Aves engine that can rival for example a currently offered Flash-based 'social game' like our Club Galactik in the graphics department.
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