GDC 2023's AI buzz has a familiar feel | This Week in Business

The pandemic's impact remains apparent, but this year's show is back to normal in a number of ways

Brendan Sinclair

CD Projekt Red writes off over $7m costs for Project Sirius as development is reset

The Polish firm attributed the move to an evaluation of the original project's scope and commercial potential

Jeffrey Rousseau

Josh Sawyer says that GDC has a "big accessibility problem"

The director of Pentiment highlighted concerns over travel costs and access to the conference's talks to the public

Jeffrey Rousseau

Fortnite's evolution is delivering on metaverse dreams | Opinion

More than just a buzzword to Epic, the evolution of Fortnite is on the cusp of creating a genuine metaverse-esque platform with many millions of daily users

Rob Fahey

PS5 version of Redfall dropped after Xbox acquisition of ZeniMax

Update: Microsoft claims it has not pulled any titles from PlayStation platforms

Jeffrey Rousseau

Unity details 2023 roadmap

GDC 2023: Engine provider also says developers will gain access to more tech from Speedtree and Ziva later this year

James Batchelor

UK regulator now says Call of Duty exclusivity would be "significantly loss-making" for Microsoft

Update: Microsoft and Activision provide statements after CMA updates provisional findings to say Activision acquisition would not harm console competition

James Batchelor

Xbox: We can't reach the billions of gamers without underrepresented creators

Microsoft on its program to bring different developers from different walks of life to Xbox

Christopher Dring

First annual Activision Blizzard DEI report: 26% of workforce are women or non-binary

Publisher reports 38% of staff come from underrepresented ethnic groups, both figures up 2% over 2021

James Batchelor

ZA/UM resolves legal dispute with Disco Elysium producer Kaur Kender

UPDATE: ZA/UM says that Kurvitz and Taal are welcome to challenge the harm done to the studio in court

Jeffrey Rousseau

New York Times: "Buying Wordle substantially changed our business"

GDC 2023: Executive producer Zoe Bell shared one year of Wordle success and described the pillars of a NYT game

Marie Dealessandri

Fatal Call of Duty swatting incident settles for $5m

The decision comes five years after an unarmed Kansas man lost his life over a false 911 call

Jeffrey Rousseau

Felony charges against Justin Roiland have been dismissed

The former Squanch Games CEO says he would like to focus on restoring his "good name"

Jeffrey Rousseau