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Steam hits all-time high of 14 million concurrent users

This time last year, the record for Valve's platform was 8.5 million

New games on Steam in 2016 rose 40% over last year

Over 4200 games hit the store in 2016, Steam Spy says, equivalent to 38% of its lifetime total

Australian Competition Commission wants to fine Valve $3m

Courts to decide how much Valve must pay over lack of refunds policy

"Steam's new discoverability system has already had a huge impact"

However, publishers will need to rethink how they approach the platform

"Please show customers what your game is actually like to play”

Steam Discovery Update 2.0 will prohibit use of renders, artwork and marketing materials as screenshots

Valve pushes back against Washington State skin gambling claims

"As we have explained on multiple occasions, Valve is not engaged in gambling or the promotion of gambling, and we do not 'facilitate gambling'"

Valve follows Oculus' lead with new Vive controller prototype

Emphasis on hand presence would eradicate a key difference between the two leading platforms in high-end VR

Valve relents on Steam key reviews - well, almost

Individual reviews from non-Steam purchases will be more visible, but they are still excluded from overall score

Steam pulls Digital Homicide games following fan lawsuit

Indie studio alleged harassment in $18m lawsuit against Steam users, now considering legal action against Valve for its response

The Indie View: Resistance Isn't Futile

In his first regular column for GI, Alexis Kennedy looks at Valve's recent shift on user reviews

Steam alters review system, irritates indies

Storefront only allows copies it sold to be used in aggregate review score, hiding opinions of scammers, crowdfunding backers, bundle purchasers, and more

Oculus and Valve send mixed messages on VR exclusivity

Valve wants the VR market to be entirely open, but the belief that Oculus is trying to lock it down is built on a series of misunderstandings

Newell weighs in on VR exclusives

Valve head says tying development funds to specific hardware is bad for customers and developers

Valve axes Dota 2 eSports host and production company

Gabe Newell branded James "2GD" Harding "an ass" on Reddit following problematic broadcast

Valve raises Counter-Strike eSports prize to $1 million

Every CS: GO Major Championship event in 2016 will have a 4x bigger prize than last year

Valve and HTC's Vive priced at $800

VR kit will launch in April bundled with Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption [UPDATE]: Recommended PC specs less demanding than Oculus Rift

Vision Summit Keynote: Big plans and free Vives

Unity puts on a show with Gabe Newell, Palmer Luckey and more

Marc Laidlaw retires from Valve

Half-Life writer confirms departure from studio after nearly 20 years

HTC upgrades Vive VR headset with Vive Pre

Front facing camera, better controllers for the virtual reality kit

VR and AR: The year of promises

Excitement for the tech has never been greater but the industry must still contend with big unanswered questions


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