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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood creators form Lightbulb

26 days ago The Press Play founders are working on a new PC game, Pioneers


Ubisoft: Creativity and commerce in AAA development

26 days ago Creative director Alex Hutchinson reflects on the balance between satisfying the players, answering the critics, and managing a AAA team


21 Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo an "incredibly positive evolution"

27 days ago EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two discuss why Microsoft and Sony launching new consoles more quickly is a big win


Develop in Brighton - What not to miss

27 days ago Set up your schedule as the UK's industry gathers on the beach

Starbreeze secures $9 million from Acer ahead of StarVR launch

27 days ago Premium headset will ship in limited quantities this year, with full production scheduled for 2017


1 Failbetter Games: Seven Years, Ten Lessons

27 days ago Founder and now ex-CEO Alexis Kennedy on leaving the company he built


5 Brexit: UK game developers share their concerns

29 days ago "The negative revolves around skilled talent not wanting or being able to stay, or come to UK."

Brexit, M&A and VR exclusivity

30 days ago Weekly roundup: Tencent extends its empire as Britain chooses isolation


Jobs roundup: Robert Khoo leaves Penny Arcade

30 days ago Elsewhere, Jason Rubin expands his focus beyond games at Oculus, Facebook makes a big hire in its eSports push, and Nintendo UK has a new boss


Virginia Territory: Variable State's indie debut

30 days ago "Game development is a very exclusive club"

1 Nintendo is closing servers for Devil's Third

30 days ago After surviving THQ's collapse, the end is officially nigh for Valhalla Game Studios' beleaguered debut project

12 TIGA calls for government to reassure UK games industry

30 days ago Post-Brexit Britain will be a harder place to do business, warns body

6 Tinybuild: G2A "facilitates a black market economy"

30 days ago Update: Tinybuild denies G2A's request for key data, calls for proper verification for marketplace sellers

Ukie issues statement on Brexit

30 days ago "Ukie is committed to ensuring the UK is the best place in the world to make and sell games"


11 From the archives: Brexit to Desktop?

30 days ago What the UK industry was saying about leaving the EU before it actually happened


Tencent is the games industry's silent giant

Opinion 30 days ago The record-breaking acquisition of Supercell is just the latest move into gaming from a little-known company with its fingers in a great many pies

"Overwatch dominates rankings leaving Battleborn in the dust" - SuperData

A month ago Overwatch generated $269 million in May as the digital games market climbed to $6 billion overall


EA dominates E3 Twitch streaming - EEDAR

A month ago The EA Play schedule paid off, factoring in consumers and global markets, says EEDAR VP of Insights, Patrick Walker


2 Can Puerto Rico be the Silicon Valley of the Caribbean?

A month ago Development scene could endure economic crisis well with a growing pool of local talent and tax credits up to 90%

1 Shortlist announced for Develop: Brighton Indie Showcase

A month ago Unity-sponsored competition narrowed down to ten

Tickets on sale for the Investment Summit

A month ago Includes two days of access to EGX and the Trade Zone


2 A New Dawn

A month ago Pete Samuels of Supermassive Games explains why the company is going multiplatform

2 Jeff Minter: iOS games ended up costing us money

A month ago Space Giraffe creator shares App Store angst

4 Sony settling PS3 Other OS suit

A month ago Six-year court battle over removal of Linux installation option to end with payouts of up to $55 per affected owner


3 Oculus: Our exclusive deals are good for the VR industry

A month ago Head of Content Jason Rubin also stresses that with the launch of Oculus Touch, "We're going to do it the right way this time"

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