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4 Critical Consensus: Gears of War 4 offers spectacular, familiar pleasures

14 days ago The Coalition's first stab at the franchise is visually splendid and generously stocked, but light on new ideas


Jam City: We're "halfway towards an IPO"

15 days ago CEO Chris DeWolfe lays out his growth strategy, and what the "game changing" TinyCo. acquisition means for the company's plan to go public

7 John Carmack says VR devs are "coasting on novelty"

15 days ago CTO asks Oculus Connect audience to raise its game and shift focus to mobile

Reboot InfoGamer puts VR in the spotlight

18 days ago Adriatic consumer show hopes to attract 70,000 attendees

4 Oculus lowers the price of a VR-ready PC by half

18 days ago Engineering innovation allows $500 PC to support Rift, around half the previous entry level

2 "If people say that's console wars, I think they're wrong"

18 days ago Phil Spencer addresses the Xbox team's response to PlayStation 4 Pro's 4K capabilities


12 VR's crazy week punctuated by a Palmer Luckey no-show

Opinion 18 days ago Weekly roundup: Oculus, PSVR and Google highlight a busy week as analysts make wild predictions


10 Is PSVR Sony's quietest launch ever?

Opinion 18 days ago PSVR launches next week, but it's a quiet affair compared to Sony's usual bombastic launches. Why is the company holding fire?

1 "This industry is not going to protect us. We have to learn to protect ourselves"

19 days ago The Chinese Room co-founder Jessica Curry calls for greater diversity in the industry, says everyone needs to do their part

Oculus Connect: Touch price, new headphones and big games

19 days ago Touch will be out in December at $199, Ready At Dawn, Epic and 4A announce titles

1 Consumer spend on VR to hit $11.2 billion by 2020 - IHS Markit

19 days ago Consulting and analysis firm more conservative on tech than its peers, expects PlayStation VR to outsell Rift and Vive combined this year


1 Not A Game: Industry Labour Practices May Be Headed For a Big Change

19 days ago Marijam Didzgalvyte investigates the human impact of gaming tech


NGD Studios eyes AAA development with Red Katana acquisition

19 days ago Argentinian studios merge to tackle global market from base in Latin America

9 "We're definitely at the point where something's gotta give"

19 days ago Amy Hennig calls AAA development "an arms race that is unwinnable" where crunch is still a big problem

Ubisoft ends partnership with Limbic Entertainment

20 days ago "After 4 years of a close collaboration"

3 Valve threatened by Washington State Gambling Commission

20 days ago CS:GO skins controversy continues for the Steam platform holder

PS4 Skyrim, Fallout 4 getting user mods after all

20 days ago After blaming Sony for missing features, Bethesda backtracks, also promises PS4 Pro support for both titles

Blizzard, Starbreeze vets land $5m investment for VR studio

20 days ago First Contact Entertainment has also hired a chief revenue officer and community manager

13 Critical Consensus: PlayStation VR

20 days ago Mainstream and enthusiast press agree on the headset's strengths and weaknesses, but split on whether the experience is worth it


1 "We are now a reference for Brazil. We are proud to be"

20 days ago With its mobile hit Horizon Chase, Aquiris Game Studio has set the standard for Brazilian developers


Kerbal Space Program team suffers eight departures

20 days ago Fans surprised at mass team change, Squad insists that more content is planned


GameON: Ventures conference heads to MaRS for 2016

20 days ago First person shooter pioneer John Romero to present keynote

Google Daydream to sell over 14m units by 2020 - SuperData

21 days ago SuperData's VR forecast calls for total industry revenues to eclipse $30 billion as mobile VR really ramps up

11 Google Daydream VR headset launches in November for $80

21 days ago The headset has been renamed Daydream View and will be constructed from soft fabric, rather than plastic

4 VR hardware will grow to $50 billion by 2021 - Juniper

21 days ago Research firm expects gaming to drive new tech, with consoles accounting for half of all VR hardware revenues

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