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Goodgame Studios appoints new head of communications

9 days ago Dirk Hensen joins from Twitter Germany

British Academy Scotland Awards nominees announced

9 days ago Rockstar Games, Outplay Entertainment and Firebrand Games in the running


1 Helgason: Negative view on Riccitiello is "incredibly unfair"

9 days ago Unity's outgoing CEO on a most surprising appointment, and the myriad ways the company stands to benefit

ESA Foundation grants $90,000 to women and minority students

9 days ago The scholarships will help them pursue video game-related college degrees

55 Gaming is the least welcoming online venue for women

9 days ago But Pew survey points to social media as the most common venue for online harassment


1 New Zurich studio for Studio Gobo

9 days ago Infinity studio builds relationship with Disney and local university


Sweet Success: the Difficult Second Album

9 days ago Mind Candy's Brighton arm, Candy Labs, on developing to expectations

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate keeps Japanese #1

9 days ago New 3DS and New 3DS XL rule hardware sales


2 With Riccitiello, is Unity planning something big?

9 days ago Analysts weigh in on what the appointment means - could the company be aiming for an IPO?

10 Linear games "going to suffer" in the market - Far Cry 4 dev

9 days ago Alex Hutchinson says open-world and emergent games will have a leg up going forward thanks to video sharing

1 Steam now accepting local currency in Mexico and Turkey

10 days ago Partnering with digital payment system UOL BoaCompra

Small Giant Games raises $3.1m

10 days ago "Thrilled to get experienced investors to back our vision"

Battlefield 4 class action suit suffers setback

10 days ago Judge tells plaintiffs they can't claim securities fraud or recklessness leading up to shooter's rocky launch


Supermicro UK adds to cloud gaming team

10 days ago Steve Tyson appointed as head of cloud solutions for gaming and entertainment


12 Unity appoints Riccitiello as CEO

10 days ago Helgason stepping down, taking EVP role


BAFTA creates director of awards role

10 days ago Emma Baehr appointed to oversee events


5 Community management isn't just a complaints department

10 days ago Ludia's Philippe Ha talks about the passion of casual players and the need to bring player liaisons into the development process sooner

20 Report: Mobile to become gaming's biggest market by 2015

10 days ago 42% YoY rise in sector value will see it take console's crown, says Newzoo

2 VR sweet spot no more than $200 - EEDAR

10 days ago EEDAR survey of consumers finds cost is still the biggest factor despite high level of interest in VR headsets

20 Psychology of video game play - low hanging fruit!

10 days ago Cyberpsychologist Berni Good explains the science behind flow


18 Destructoid EIC quits over disagreement with management

10 days ago Dale North says goodbye to popular consumer website after nearly a decade

Black Tie Ventures promises $7.5 million to Quebec City

11 days ago Pink Martini Casino is aimed at a female demographic


Chris Donahue joins PlayFab

11 days ago New director of developer relations for game platform

1 Google helps augmented reality company raise $542m

11 days ago Magic Leap "going beyond the current perception of mobile computing, augmented reality, and virtual reality"


Mike Capps joins Sphero board of directors

11 days ago Ex-Epic president signs on with Colorado-based robotic toy company

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