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Zynga valued at $5.51bn

Estimate doubled in seven months - leapfrogs EA but $8bn behind Activision

FarmVille firm Zynga has been valued at $5.51 billion by analyst SharesPost - more than double its estimated worth of $2.61 billion back in March this year.

This puts the controversial Mafia Wars studio ahead of the NASDAQ value of EA, at $5.16 billion, reports Businessweek.

EA has seen its share price lower by 7.4 per cent overall during the same period, but for a time saw significant gains in the run up to Medal of Honor's release. Its share price is currently rising slightly (by 1 per cent last night) following last week's acquisition of Chillingo.

Activision Blizzard remains king of the hill, however, currently being valued at $13.9 billion.

SharesPost figures are estimates, with Zynga declining to comment on them.

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