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Zynga finalizes purchase of Storemaven

The gaming firm adds the mobile business platform as it continues to expand its business offerings

Games company Zynga has announced that it has completed its purchase of mobile platform Storemaven.

Established in 2015 and based out of Israel, Storemaven helps creators optimize an app's business performance.

It was founded by CEO Gad Maor, president Adam Rakib, and chief product officer Eldad Abel.

With the completed acquisition Zynga continues to grow and expand its business offerings.

"With our acquisition of Storemaven, we gain additional, unmatched technologies and expertise to expand Zynga's publishing platform and to solidify our leading position in the marketplace," said Zynga executive vice president and chief data officer Alex Tremblay.

In terms of this year's M&A activity, Zynga itself became a subsidiary of Take-Two this past May.

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