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YoYo Games closes publishing division

Also halves mobile licence cost in hopes of attracting more developers

Engine provider YoYo Games is scaling back its operations with the closure of its GameMaker publishing division.

The company revealed this decision in an interview with PocketGamer.biz, where general manager Stuart Poole said the venture had been putting a strain on the company's resources.

The initiative launched just over a year ago and was led by former Outplay producer Chris Trewartha. PocketGamer.biz reports that Trewartha has now left the company.

"It's become clear over the year that this isn't where we can add the most value, and that our organisational capability to deliver in this area diverts resources from where they are most needed, and we aren't in a position to offer significantly more than other publishers in this regard," said Poole.

"Essentially, we are at our best when we're providing support to GameMaker developers and publishers that have the effect of inspiring our community and helping new developers to learn faster."

Elsewhere in the interview, Poole revealed the company is cutting the price of its mobile licence for GameMaker to a one-time purchase of $199.

The hope it this will attract more mobile developers to the company's customer base, as these are "a distant second" when compared to PC developers.

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